About retas

RETAS” (Sanskrit for water droplet) defines the seed and elixir of life. Our foundation is built on the idea of conserving water, protecting the resource from depletion and keeps evolving ourselves unless we reach our goal – which water remains a natural resource for everyone. 
Our company is DIPP (Deptt. Of Industrial Policy & Promotion), Govt. of India, recognized start-up working in freshwater management and environment sustainability. We are proud to be a part of “Make in India” scheme.
We design, manufacture “RAINMAXX® Modular Tanks” and execute modular rainwater harvesting systems. These modular tanks are designed in such a way that it conserves rainwater at its optimum level when executed. It aids self-sufficiency and helps the environment overall.

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To conserve and harvest every possible rain drop. To keep working as a catalyst until water remains a natural resource for everyone.

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To spread awareness on water conservation (from urban area, industrial area to rural area) and become most trusted partners for the community.

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Our Core Values



Judicious usage, systematic planning and equal availability of water forms the ethics of water management.



Our responsibilities in rainwater harvesting include implementing effective systems, maintaining them properly, and using the collected water wisely to conserve resources.



Integrity in rainwater harvesting involves being honest and transparent in the collection and use of water, ensuring compliance with regulations, and respecting the rights of all stakeholders.

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