Rainwater harvesting system in bangalore

Out of 262 Lakes, Only 81 Left in Bengaluru
As India's IT capital, Bengaluru is facing a water crisis, and residents are spending time chasing after water tankers. In 1961, the city had 262 lakes, only 81 left. The city is in a serious situation of water scarcity, with groundwater depletion and the drying up of over 3,000 borewells. Here, we need strong and sustainable water management.

We Install Rainwater Harvesting System To Combat Water Crisis 

Are you pondering on the worst situation in Bengaluru? Here, the rainwater harvesting system is the best option available. The Government is also taking necessary measures to tackle the situation and allocated Rs.556 crore to deal with the water shortage. 

Retas Water Solutions comes with the idea of rainwater harvesting to preserve the level of groundwater. We believe in preserving our natural resources so we can tackle the serious problem of water scarcity effectively.

 Rainwater harvesting is a simple yet effective way to conserve water and lower your dependency on external water resources. Whether you are required to install the system in residential or industry, we work through step-by-step processes while installing the system. 


Before installing modular rainwater harvesting in Bengaluru, our team of experts visit the site and prepare the roadmap. Through proper consultation with clients, we build strategy and execute the process accordingly.


Under our maintenance service, we thoroughly inspect the system regularly. To ensure the quality of the harvested rainwater, we check the system as well as the pipelines. Regular inspections allow us to prevent significant damage or contamination of the stored water.


Once the plan is passed by the client, we start working on it. We design and manufacture “RAINMAXX” Tanks and execute modular rainwater harvesting systems. These tanks are designed to collect, store, and infiltrate rainwater for later use.

What we do?


We suggest you what is best for you

From Retas Water Solutions, you always find effective solutions to tackle water scarcity problems in your area. Discuss your issues with us to what is best for you in that particular situation.


Install the system from our top experts 

We are highly focused on designing, manufacturing, and implementing the system in your area. We build rainwater harvesting structures for all types of properties in Bengaluru. 


 Add sustainability to your lifestyle 

 Our expert panel ensures everything is in the right flow while constructing the system in your location. Through thorough and regular inspection, we ensure long-term sustainability.


  • 01How is rainwater harvesting performed in Bengaluru?

    If rooftop maintenance is not difficult, then you can easily construct direct storage on the rooftop and collect the rainwater. With minimum disruptions to an existing property, you can set up a rooftop rainwater harvesting system and manage your water utilities.

  • In 2021, the state government passed a bill and made it mandatory for plots measuring 60 x 40 and above to install rainwater harvesting plants. The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage (Amendment) Bill seeks to make this compulsory for buildings built or to be constructed on an area of 2,325 sq. ft to 10,763 sq. ft.

  • In India, the average cost of a basic residential rainwater harvesting system varies from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. Connect with professional service providers of rainwater harvesting systems to get exact ideas.

  • Try to avoid the water for drinking and cooking if it is provided through rainwater harvesting in order to reduce the risk of getting sick.

  • Rainwater harvesting offers many benefits, especially when it comes to tackling water scarcity. Moreover, it helps in reducing the flood, recharging groundwater resources, and managing other water utilities, apart from drinking. It also provides an alternative water source during droughts.