Rainwater Harvesting System In Haryana

Water deficit of 14 billion cubic metres every year in Haryana
Haryana is drying up year by year. The groundwater availability of the city is getting low and total water demand is getting high, which makes it hard to meet the water demands of the people. Water deficit negatively impacts the city, resulting in excess withdrawal of groundwater, about 10% water shortage to crops, and 10% less water supply to other sectors. What should be the solution?

Rainwater Harvesting to Lower The Water Stress In Haryana

Out of 7,287 villages in the state, 3,041 are facing water crisis. And with time, the water demand will increase. For that, we need to find workable solutions to tackle the condition of the water crisis in Haryana. In such a scenario, rainwater harvesting works best.

We are moving ahead with a vision to create and store every single droplet of water to secure our future. At Retas Water Solutions, we encourage people to install rainwater harvesting systems in their property to tackle the problem of water crisis effectively.

Turning the vision of harnessing rainwater into reality, our experienced professionals work dedicatedly. By installing rainwater harvesting systems, you can capture rainwater and direct it from large surfaces to an underground or over-ground holding tank. For correct installation, we work step by step and allow you to understand each process precisely:


We inspect thoroughly

When you are ready to install modular rainwater harvesting in Haryana, our team of experts visit the site and prepare the roadmap. After having a deep discussion, we build a strategy and initiate the process accordingly.

We maximise the performance

Through regular inspection, we maximise the performance of the system. We check everything from pipelines to tanks, we ensure the quality of the harvested rainwater. By regular inspections, we detect early damage (if any) and enhance the functionality of the system.

We install the system

Once the plan is ready, our professional team will start their work. To make the system work perfectly, we design and also manufacture “RAINMAXX” Tanks. These tanks are designed to collect, store, and infiltrate rainwater for later use.

What We Do?

Water Auditing

We make a thorough inspection

Before moving ahead with the system installation, we meticulously inspect the site. We collect data, study consumption trends, identify all water resources, and check water conservation measures. Everything is done to ensure that your system is installed at the right location.


We focus on solutions

 At Retas Water Solutions, you will get proper guidance from our experienced professionals. With effective solutions, we can tackle the water crisis and smartly manage your water requirements. So, connect with us and discuss your issues to get the best solution.


We install systems with precision

 Our team of experts pays attention to designing, manufacturing, and implementing the system in your location. They know how to build rainwater harvesting structures according to your requirements and types of properties in Haryana.


We ensure quality to avoid damage

 When we are constructing the system in your area, we ensure everything from checking quality to installation of the system. By inspecting the system regularly, we avoid damage and restore functionality by fixing the damage if any.