Rainwater Harvesting System in India

With 18% of the World's Population, India Holds Only 4% of its Water Resources
India is home to 1.4 billion people, out of which 35 million are lacking safe water and 678 million are lacking access to a safe toilet. Meticulous analysis reveals that we are facing challenges, including extreme water stress, lack of pipe water supply, and contaminated surface water. Here, we need to think about tech-driven solutions to face this water crisis and save water for future generations.

Rainwater Harvesting As A Solution To Combat Current Challenges

We are at the edge of a water crisis as the water demand continues to rise. Rapid urbanisation, industrialization, and agricultural practices are fuelling the situation and are responsible for the depletion of groundwater levels. Therefore, we need to focus on using our natural water resources. That’s why we encourage people to install rainwater harvesting systems in India.

 Retas Water Solutions motivates people to move ahead with a rainwater harvesting system in order to preserve the groundwater level. It is the most sustainable and eco-friendly method to save our water resources and combat water crises.

 Our Approach to Rainwater Harvesting

 We are dedicated to promoting rainwater harvesting systems across India. Our approach involves the following steps:



From setting up the storage tanks and filtration mechanisms, we cover everything in our installation process. We aim to provide the benefits of rainwater harvesting to our customers through the proper installation of the system.

Customised Solutions

Our experienced professionals design customised rainwater harvesting systems tailored to meet your specific water management. Keeping the requirements of your property in mind, we design the system and ensure its functionality.

Site Assessment

By conducting a detailed assessment of your property, we determine the feasibility and placement of the rainwater harvesting system. It allows us to analyse the success of the system in the future.

Maintenance & Support

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the rainwater harvesting system, we provide regular maintenance and support services. We inspect, clean, and maintain the system to enhance its functionality.

What We Do At Retas?

Water Auditing

 Inspect the quality of the water

 For the correct installation of the system, we are required to inspect the site as well as the quality of the water. Based on data, water consumption trends, resources, and water conservation measures, we provide customised solutions.


Discuss ideas with customers

  Do you have questions in your mind? We are here to help you out and let you move ahead with the decision after proper consultation. At Retas Water Solution, we provide the most effective solutions to our customers with insights. 


 Install system with accuracy

Once the idea is approved by you, we will move ahead and install the system in your area. From design to installation, we take care of everything to maximise the benefits of rainwater harvesting.


Manage the system functionality

Are we done with the installation? No, we also provide proper maintenance services to ensure the functionality of the system. Through regular inspections, we prevent damage and add longevity to the system.


  • 01Who will build the rainwater harvesting system and how long will it take?

    To install a rainwater harvesting system in your area, you need to hire professionals. It may seem simple, but you should take professional assistance to maximise the benefits of the system. Generally, it may take 10 days to complete the job. Ask professionals to know the exact time.

  • Depending on the area of your roof and other structures that will be used in harvesting the rainwater, the cost of the system varies. However, you don’t require heavy construction work.

  • Yes, it works effectively and helps to tackle the issue of water scarcity. Previously, people used to harvest rainwater as naturally as they filled the ground to grow crops. Due to rapid urbanisation and development, we forget the essence of the age-old system.

  • No, it does not require a lot of maintenance. Once or twice a year, you are required to inspect the system. Remember one thing you need to be involved in while maintaining the proper functioning of the system. Rainwater harvesting is all about building your relationship with water.

  • A good rainwater harvesting system ensures that not a drop of rainwater falls on the premises is wasted. It can be possible when you satisfy the following requirements:

    Harvest both rooftop and driveway runoff water.

    Avoid overloading of any one system.

    The design of the system should have features of periodic maintenance.