Rainwater Harvesting System in Hyderabad

Hi-Tech Hyderabad Get Dried Before Summer Sets In
It’s very disappointing to witness the water scarcity in Hyderabad every year, especially in summer. Being a hi-tech city, people are facing serious problems and find it hard to meet their daily water requirements. Nearly 70% of the water supply is fulfilled through tankers. The drastic situation in the city urges the government and people to take rainwater harvesting seriously.

Rainwater Harvesting System to Diminish Tanker’s Water Supply

With time, it is getting really difficult to meet the 4.5 million litres of water requirement in Hyderabad. The city requires more than 300 tankers in summer, charging 800 (for commercial) and 500 (for residential) per tanker. What will we do if you can’t manage the money to meet the requirements?

At Retas, we are urging people to harness rainwater in order to tackle the situation of water scarcity smartly. Our experts install rainwater harvesting systems to let people save and use rainwater for their daily needs.

Keep one thing in mind: investment in rainwater harvesting systems will secure our future. Once it is installed, you can produce a good return on investment for years. Infuse innovative ideas into your living so you can secure your future.

At Retas, we install the system step by step so you will understand everything from top to bottom.


When you are ready to install a modular rainwater harvesting system in Hyderabad, our professionals visit your site. They will prepare the roadmap and build a proper strategy for successful installation.


We thoroughly inspect the system for any issue under our maintenance service. Our technicians check the quality of the harvested rainwater, the working conditions of the system as well as the pipelines. Regular inspection enhances the life span of the system.


When the plan is ready according to the requirements, our experts start their work. To provide proper installation, we also design and manufacture “RAINMAXX” Tanks. We execute modular rainwater harvesting systems precisely.

What We Do?

Water Auditing

Our auditor conducts a comprehensive inspection on site, collects data, identifies all water resources, and provides water conservation measures. The rainwater system must be installed at the right location.


Get effective solutions with us and overcome water challenges. If you are struggling to meet your water-related requirements, get the best solution as a rainwater water harvesting system.


 We design, manufacture, and implement the system in your area. From us, you will get the best rainwater harvesting structures for all types of properties in Hyderabad at the best price.


 While constructing the system in your area, our expert panel makes sure that you will get everything in the right flow. By conducting thorough and regular inspections, we ensure long-term sustainability


  • 01What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

    Apart from tackling water scarcity problems, rainwater harvesting can help to reduce flooding, recharge groundwater resources, and act as an alternative water source during droughts. Install the system in your area and access the benefits.

  • The cost of rainwater harvesting depends on the location and system you install in your area. Usually, the cost varies from Rs15,000 to Rs30,000 which covers the expenses of gutter, storage tanks, filters, and installation charges. Talk to professionals for more accurate information.

  • Yes, you can harvest rainwater in your house if you have space to place the four components. A catchment area, a system of pipes, filtration material, and a tank to store the rainwater. Moreover, a rain barrel is an easy solution for every house.

  • You can store rainwater from a week to a year if the stored area is clean and covered. Make sure to store the rainwater in a cool and dark place to avoid the growth of bacteria.

  • The two major techniques of rainwater harvesting are surface runoff harvesting and groundwater recharge. Depending on the area (rural or urban), you need to use the technique to get its maximum benefit.