Rainwater Harvesting System in Gujarat

207 Water Reservoirs Are At An Alarming Water Level of 62.38% In Gujarat
Like Bengaluru, Gujarat is also facing the devastating condition of water scarcity. The water level of 36 reservoirs is less than 10% and some are dried up before the summer would enter the state. Moreover, the water level of the vast Sardar Sarovar dam is standing at 66.75%. The situation is alarming, and we need to work on tech-driven solutions to overcome the obstacle of water scarcity. Save every single droplet of water to save water.

Rainwater Harvesting To Address The Water Crisis In Gujarat

Gujarat is facing water shortage in several parts with poor portable water supply. The state needs to supply water to more than 60 million people and has utilised 60% of its groundwater resources. However, the demand is ever-increasing. In this situation, rainwater harvesting works best. Through our efforts, we are spreading awareness to install the rainwater harvesting system in Gujarat and save water

At Retas Water Solutions, we are making efforts to preserve the groundwater through rainwater harvesting. If we save rainwater, we can address the situation of water scarcity effectively. With knowledge and dedication, we are putting efforts to make an impact.

Through rainwater harvesting, you can collect and store rainwater rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater is collected from the roof and redirected to the tank. To install the rainwater harvesting system, we follow the step-by-step process:


Site Assessment

In order to determine the feasibility and location for the placement of the system, we conduct thorough assessments of the properties. Proper site assessment enhances the effectiveness and success of the project.

Maintenance & Support

After installing the rainwater harvesting system, we inspect the system's functioning through regular maintenance and support services. We maintain the optimal system functionality with proper inspections.

Tailored Solutions

We design customised rainwater harvesting systems to address your water management requirements effectively. Our solutions are designed to maintain optimal functionality and performance of the system.


Our Services At Retas Water Solutions

Water Auditing & Quality Inspection

At Retas, we conduct thorough assessments to check the water quality and consumption trends. It allows us to provide accurate and customised solutions for rainwater harvesting.

Consultation & Guidance

From us, you will find constant support to transform your problems into solutions. Our expert consultations let you make informed decisions for installing the system on your property.

Professional Implementation

When you have clear ideas on how the system works best to fulfil your water requirements, we will move to the next step. We install the system at the right location to ensure maximum efficiency and benefits.

System Restoration

The system works best when it is properly inspected and maintained by our experts. If your system does not perform adequately, you can connect with the team and discuss your issues to restore its functionality.