Advisory and Consultancy

There are a number of questions that could arise when you decide to install a rainwater harvesting system on your property. There are several confusing pre-installation variables that need to be clarified, even if rainwater harvesting systems are not difficult to design or install. You can get assistance in comprehending the structural and functional mathematics involved in developing and installing a rainwater harvesting system from expert rainwater consultants who are educated and skilled in their industry.

Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation service is a critical service that involves the prevention, preparation, and response to flooding events. Floods can cause significant damage to infrastructure, homes, and businesses, and can also lead to loss of life.

  • Flood risk assessment
  • Flood prevention measures
  • Flood preparedness
  • Flood response
  • Flood recovery

By implementing flood prevention measures, preparing communities for potential flooding events, and responding quickly and effectively to flooding events, flood mitigation services help to protect lives, homes, and businesses from the devastating effects of floods.

OUR Offerings

Rain Water

  • Store & Reuse (Conventional RCC & Modular Tanks)
  • Percolation
  • Groundwater Recharge (Conventional RCC & Modular Tanks)

Water Shed

  • Investigation & Govt. Regulatory Audits
  • Electrical Tests & Compliances
  • Designing Water Pipelines

Water Bodies

  • Pond Designing, Restoration & Clean Up
  • Lake rejuvenation