Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System

Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System

Why do you choose a polymer-based rainwater harvesting system? Have you gone through the idea of rainwater harvesting in India? If you are puzzled by these concerns, you must dive deep into the concept of harvesting rainwater or water collection. It is an innovative approach that restructures collecting, storing, and using rainwater. With the advancement of polymer-based rainwater harvesting, we can build a sustainable tomorrow.

The annual data of the Meteorological Department reveals that India receives an average yearly rainfall of 1,180 mm. Surprisingly, only 8% of rainwater is harvested in our country. If we harvest rainwater properly, we can minimise 70% of the water needs for a household and reduce water pollution and flooding. That’s why our government has been promoting rainwater harvesting for many years and letting people address their water demands smartly.

Adopting the innovative approach to rainwater harvesting, we have installed 1000+ systems and saved 30,000+ KL. To enhance the effectiveness of modular rainwater harvesting systems, we design and manufacture “RAINMAXX® Modular Tanks.

What is a Polymer-Based Rainwater Harvesting System?

While designing the polymer based rainwater harvesting system, we must use polymer materials for different components, including storage tanks, distribution systems, and collection surfaces. Due to their unmatched properties, they are best for rainwater harvesting. They are light in weight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and can tolerate diverse environmental conditions.  

Key Points of Polymer-Based Rainwater Harvesting System

One of the prominent characteristics of polymer-based systems is that you can mould polymers into different shapes and sizes to bring versatility to system design and installation.

  • When you use polymer materials to design your rainwater harvesting system, you can add efficiency in collecting rainwater.
  • The coating of polymer on water collection surfaces or roofs, even in gutters and pipes ensures a smooth and non-absorptive surface for rainwater to flow freely. It also avoids loss of water during runoff or evaporation.
  • Another advantage of using polymer-based technology is to have lightweight tanks that ensure long-term durability and reliability. As the polymer is resistant to corrosion, it ensures the integrity of the stored water.
  • Polymers are open to customization and can be designed according to water storage requirements. It can withstand extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and UV radiation which make it suitable for different geographical regions.
  • When you choose to go with polymer-based components, you can easily modify or expand your system according to water demands. Whether you need to install systems in residential buildings or large commercial projects, you will find amazing adaptability when you choose polymer-based materials.
  • The best thing about a polymer-based system is its eco-friendly properties. It can be recycled and built using eco-friendly processes.
  • Due to its lightweight nature, you can save transportation costs and minimise the consumption of energy.
  • It is easy to maintain the functionality of polymer-based systems as compared to traditional systems. This is because the durability of polymers amplifies the lifespan of the components. Polymer materials have smooth and non-absorptive surfaces which help to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Retas: We Install Polymer & Co-Polymer Based Rainwater Harvesting System

Whether you are eager to build a Polymer or Co-Polymer Rainwater Harvesting System, our engineers cover everything from design to installation. We know that the polymer-based system provides an amazing advantage to the process of rainwater harvesting in terms of durability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

The unique property of polymers allows us to maintain sustainable water management by conserving water resources and lowering environmental impact. Get in touch with us to design as well as install a rainwater harvesting system in your area. Together, we can develop a new era of sustainable water management.