Rainwater Harvesting Company in Delhi NCR

Rainwater Harvesting Company in Delhi NCR

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is one of the most practical methods to address our major concern of survival, that is water scarcity. With every passing day, our population is getting bigger and unfolding the bigger challenges to face. In order to solve one of the major issues related to water scarcity, rainwater harvesting is a result-driven solution. That’s why many rainwater harvesting company in Delhi NCR are putting their efforts into developing a robust system to supply rainwater most conveniently.

The Delhi government is actively working on harvesting rainwater to regulate the city's water supply and made it mandatory to install RWH systems in 2012. According to the Delhi Water and Sewer (Tariff and Metering) Regulations, 2012, if the RWH system is installed by the property, a 10% rebate is provided on the water bill. However, the deadline for installing the system has been extended to March 31, 2023.

Challenges of Rainwater Harvesting in Delhi

Slower growth pace

The current status of the RWH sector in Delhi demonstrates that the development and growth of rainwater harvesting are not satisfactory.  In many places, the RWH system is not installed or existing systems are not even maintained properly. Consequently, every monsoon season, a significant amount of water is lost in Delhi.

Currently, the Delhi government cannot meet the water needs of many residents due to inefficiencies in water management and low availability of raw water.

Poor maintenance of the existing system

Delhi Jal Board has issued guidelines for installing and maintaining RWH systems and allowed people to get rebates on water bills after showing furnish functionality certificates. But, many people did not follow the guidelines, resulting in a poor or dysfunctional system in many places.

Ineffective public support

As per Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, the successful development of the RWH system demands public support. If people don’t take the initiative seriously, the system will not work in future and the problem of proper water supply will not be solved.

Role of Rainwater Harvesting Companies in Delhi NCR

Companies that manage rainwater harvesting ensure the use of natural resources of water and make them available through sustainable processes. They offer services for all types of RWHs, depending on one’s requirements and exact specifications.

RWH companies offer the following services to resolve the issue of water supply in Delhi NCR:

  • They help businesses and homeowners to collect, store, and use rainwater correctly. 
  • They also take care of the availability of space and climate conditions to use harvested water.
  • Designing and installation of RWH for clients is also managed by these companies.
  • Companies also offer maintenance and repair services.
  • For a positive outlook, companies are also providing education and outreach services to teach people about the benefits of water conservation.

Wrapping Up:

Rainwater harvesting is an effective solution to handle water scarcity issues. Companies that manage the installation and maintenance of RWH systems in Delhi are struggling to bring awareness among people. Hopefully, everything will go correctly if the public understands the importance of water conservation and the seriousness of water scarcity. Water is a vital element of our survival; so our efforts must be more serious and sincere towards rainwater harvesting.