Rainwater Harvesting Company in Gurgaon

Rainwater Harvesting Company in Gurgaon

Rainwater Harvesting Company in Gurgaon

Rainwater harvesting is termed the collection and storage of rainwater that runs across rooftops, parks, roads, and open grounds. The stored water can be stored or recharged into the groundwater. Plus, a rainwater harvesting system consists of the following components. It includes catchment from the area where water gets captured or recharged. So, if you want to install a modular rainwater harvesting system, RETAS is the best rainwater harvesting company in Gurgaon.

Why use rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater may also work as a source of clean water, and rainwater harvesting systems prefer the usage of the principle of preserving rainwater whenever it falls and carry the following benefits-

It is a water conservation method that helps to increase water demand. In addition, it improves the quality and quantity of groundwater.

Rainwater harvesting works as a domestic utilization containing appropriate filtration such as drinking and watering gardens-

  • In addition, it also acts as unfiltered landscape irrigation, which is used for dryland farming. It also boosts groundwater recharge and assists in increasing soil fertility.
  • It also assists in lessening sewage treatment plants which help in overloads, urban flooding, and stormwater discharges. It assists in keeping clean and fresh surface water free of metals, pesticides, fertilizer, and other things.
  • It works as an easily accessible renewable water source. In addition, rainwater harvesting assists in reducing urban flooding and also prevents soil erosion.
  • It works as a cost-effective way of saving water and works as least labor intensive. You must connect with a rainwater harvesting company in Gurgaon to know more about it.
  • It works as an accessible renewable water source, and rainwater harvesting assists in reducing urban flooding. It works as a cost-effective way of preserving water. It doesn’t remain labor intensive.

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques

There are two types of rainwater harvesting, which include-

Harvesting Surface Runoff

This technique works adeptly in metropolitan areas, where rainwater can run over the ground whenever rainstorms get collected. Then, it further goes down within the reservoir. In addition, these tanks and reservoirs are designed for the specific purpose to gather rainwater drops within the tank.

In addition, it is an essential method necessary for water management systems.

Harvesting Rooftop Rainwater

Several households require rooftop rainwater harvesting in which rainwater gets collected from roof catchments or commercial structures and stored within tanks. It is considered ideal for rainwater harvesting in Gurgaon, and essential for storing rainwater.

Groundwater Aquifer Recharge

There are different types of structures used to recharge groundwater and help in filtering ground instead of draining it away from the surface. Moreover, there are different types of recharge techniques-

  • Replenishment of Bore Wells
  • Filling Up of Excavated Wells
  • Refilling Pits & Trenches For Recharge
  • Filtration Tanks


In the end, one can easily conclude that the rainwater harvesting method is essential in storing rainwater drops meant for human consumption and also for maintaining household as well as industrial needs.